The prime objective for most families is financial security, and this can be achieved through the intelligent investment of your assets.

At CBK Wales, we invest for both our private and professional clients (trustees and attorneys). We ensure we get to fully understand all of our client’s current financial situations, objectives, ambitions and their current and future income needs.

Fundamental to our advice process is that we undertake a thorough assessment of a client’s circumstances, understand their future goals before developing a strategy that is individually designed specifically for them.

Often, over time, particular goals and ambitions can change and it is essential that the strategy is continuously reviewed and adapted to meet your revised needs.

Ideally, the target for all of our clients is above-average investment returns as well as ensuring they understand how their investment returns are achieved. It is essential that a client’s attitude to risk & reward and their capacity for loss on their investments are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain aligned with your objectives. 

CBK Wales advise private clients on the following financial solutions:


The value of investments and income from them can go down. You may not get back the original amount invested. 

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Investment Planning

Once a client’s attitude to risk has been agreed, their tolerance for loss understood, an investment goal agreed and the term for any investment arranged, we then recommend a suitable investment strategy.

A portfolio will be constructed to match a client’s specific attitude toward risk throughout the term of the investment, and by conducting regular reviews making rebalancing adjustments when necessary, we ensure the investment remains in line with a client’s constantly evolving circumstances.

Often, the most efficient outcome is achieved using a portfolio of diversified assets which protects an investment from some of the effects of market volatility, this can offset inflationary pressures and target longer term capital growth (a regular income can be provided if required).

As financial advisors, we are investment specialists whose main aim is in choosing the correct investment wrapper for our client’s investments, we see our role as dealing with our clients short and long term goals and to build a strategy to achieve that goal.

We want our clients to feel comfortable and reassured with their investments and our decision to work with specialist investment managers provides a solution that is well researched, risk managed, efficient and constantly re-evaluated to meet your individual circumstances.