Family Protection

We are often asked ‘why do we need protection’? and the simple answer is, legally, you do not need any form of insurance to protect your mortgage, income or family, as unlike car insurance, it is not ‘Compulsory’.

However, if you have a family, a mortgage, are self-employed, care about yourself, face an inheritance tax bill or run a business, then you should consider the options open to you.

Understanding your actual needs and finding the right cover for your particular circumstances is something we can help you understand and arrange for you. Of course, we also look to ensure that we utilise ‘Trusts’ as and when necessary, as the use of an appropriate trust not only ensures that any cover arranged pays out to the ‘correct’ beneficiary, but that it is paid out as quickly as possible

Some of the various forms of personal cover available are:

  • Decreasing term Assurance (used to protect mortgages and debts)

  • Life Assurance

  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Protection

  • Income Protection

  • Family Income Benefit Plans

  • Serious Illness Protection

  • Critical Illness Protection

  • Private Medical Provision

  • Whole of Life Provision

  • Gift Inter Vivos Cover