Business Protection

You have worked hard for your business, from start-up to expansion, and it would be devastating if you lost it. Business protection ensures that your hard work is not wiped out following a tragic accident or illness among your staff or shareholders.

Business protection is as essential to your company as buildings or vehicle insurance. Despite this, nine out of ten UK businesses do not have adequate cover to protect them.

Business protection is essentially a life insurance policy for the important people in your business. That may include your partners or a priceless member of staff. Failure to do this could jeopardize your business and in fact, many of the companies that go out of business every year could have been saved by appropriate protection.

Business Protection comes in a range of products for limited companies, partnerships and sole traders from Keyman Insurance to Shareholder Protection.


Keyman Insurance

Accidents happen and no one can guarantee good health, but with Keyman Insurance you can protect your business if a vital member of staff is unable to work.

Keyman Insurance is designed to compensate your company for the financial loss in the event of the death or critical illness of a key employee. This could be your salesperson, office manager or anyone who holds specific skills that would be difficult to replace immediately and would subsequently result in a loss of profits or even threaten your business.

Keyman Insurance means your business receives a lump sum to be used to mitigate this loss. It allows you to survive until your key employee returns to work or you have found a suitable replacement.

Shareholder Protection

What happens to your business if you or one of your shareholders dies or becomes critically ill? This loss could have a devastating impact on the business.


If a shareholder dies, their family may want to sell their stake leaving you vulnerable to being taken over by a competitor if you cannot raise the finance to buy back their shares.

Shareholder and Partnership Protection ensures the surviving shareholders retain full control of the company without having to resort to expensive and often crippling loans at what can be a difficult time.

We ensure that all our protection products are set up to maximise their efficiency in the face of tax liability.