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Your Money - Autumn 2020

Published October 9th 2020

Maintain your retirement focus, whether you’re 20 or 50+

Nearly a fifth of people (18%) aged 50 and over say their retirement plans have already been impacted or may be impacted by the pandemic, recent research has revealed2. Of these respondents, 25% say they have not been able to retire due to their finances, a fifth have had to use some of their retirement savings whilst out of work and 10% have retired sooner than they had originally planned due to redundancy caused by the pandemic.


Your Home Finance - Autumn 2020

Published October 9th 2020

New property trends emerge following lockdown

The property market is gradually showing signs of recovery and a number of new trends are emerging. It’s likely that these trends will continue to influence the market over the coming months.

Your Wealth - Autumn 2020

Published October 8th 2020

Covid - a true black swan event?

The severity of the impact of the pandemic on economies and societies around the globe has been overwhelming; it seems not one person has been free of its force. However, critics are unrelenting in their claims that the ramifications could (and should) have been anticipated. Does this make COVID-19 qualify as a ‘black swan’ event?