Pension Transfer Advice

Have you always worked with a large company benefitting from a final salary occupational pension scheme?

These schemes are hugely beneficial as they offer a guaranteed income in retirement and are generally seen as the ‘gold’ standard in pension schemes. 

However, following the introduction in April 2015 of the new pension freedoms, members of occupational pension schemes (only in the private sector) now have choices not previously available open to them.

Pension freedom can provide private sector final salary pension scheme members with far greater flexibility and access than ever before. But, and there is a big BUT, with these new retirement freedoms comes huge responsibility to ensure the assets are used wisely.

Some, final salary pension scheme members who may be attracted to owning their own pension fund and using the benefits from the ‘fund’ throughout their lifetime. Can then pass the pension fund monies to their spouse and then to their children on death. The fund can effectively become a family legacy benefiting your family from generation to generation as it does not “die with you”.

Any occupational Pension Scheme Transfer is a very complex area requiring specialised advice and we employ the services of a team of specialist advisors who work with us to ensure that our clients have the best possible advice available.  

The services the team of specialists provide are:

  • The provision of a full and detailed report regarding deferred company pension scheme benefits.
  • The provision of a comparison of the projected benefits at retirement.
  • The provision of a comparison of benefits available on death both pre and post retirement.
  • The provision of a calculation of the annual rate of growth or critical yield required to match the value of the benefits that would have been available in the existing scheme.
  • They will explore and explain the advantages and disadvantages of any potential transfer.
  • They will work with us in assessing your attitude to risk in conjunction with the suitability of the transfer.
  • They will research all of the market, as they are independent, in finding the provider best suited to your needs (if in fact it is appropriate to transfer in the first instance) .

They will analyse your pension scheme benefits, interpret the information and explain it to you in plain and simple terms.

Should you want to discuss pension benefits that require a specialist pension transfer adviser, we can arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements

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